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What is RollTek

RollTek®, now available in the ambulance industry, deploys side airbags in a rollover to greatly reduce the potential for death or serious injury to EMS personnel riding in the patient compartment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A roll sensor inside the vehicle continuously monitors ambulance stability.
  2. When a rollover is detected, the system deploys side airbags in all the seating positions where RollTek is utilized.
  3. Heads and necks of EMS personnel riding in the patient compartment are cushioned.
  4. Three-point seat belts, engineered as part of the RollTek system, act as a primary restraining device and position the occupant to impact the airbag in a rollover.

IMMI reminds drivers to Click, Tug & Snug® every time they drive. Advanced safety systems can only do their jobs if EMS personnel are belted properly.

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